Here are more reviews from our satisfied customers (from Angie’s list)…

“Hey Bruce… You came out to our house at 123 XYZ Street (note: address withheld for privacy purposes) last year to examine a deck leak issue. You recommended starting with simply sealing up any and all cracks in the tiles, walls, everywhere we saw them, no matter how fine the cracks were. You also recommended the product to use. I just want to let you know that your advice solved the problem.  And to thank you. We had some other experts look at the issue and they recommended “major surgery” .. but it turns out, at least for now, that wasn’t necessary. Obviously, if anyone ever asks us to recommend a deck contractor I will mention you! Thanks and happy new year.”
– George H., Los Angeles, CA

“National did a great job repairing a water damaged staircase.   They were punctual, did a great job and their price was highly competitive.   What more could you ask for?!!!!  Would use them again and would recommend them highly.”
– Alan Z., Santa Monica, CA

“My deck had an area that started to separate. I was concerned, and called National Deck and Stair from an Angie’s List search. They were very accommodating to my schedule and set something up with me the next day after work hours. Bruce was right on time, and when I showed him the problem informed me that likely no service is required for this type of problem likely caused by the mat that was placed near the door. He was very knowledgeable in the material used and the mechanism of the problem. I give him major kudos for not recommending any repair work.”
– Ted P., Torrance, CA

“Bruce was extremely prompt in coming out to see the property. He measured and got me the quote the next day as he promised. I was impressed with his knowledge of decking and his responsiveness and the quote was reasonable so I hired him based on the $5,000 quote. Other contractors were slow to respond, the quotes were much higher, and seemed more interested in quoting more work than trying to solve the problem in a professional, yet economical way. I asked Bruce a couple questions to see if we needed to expand the scope of work, but he responded with answers to help me save money, not to sell me work. I hired him and once the opened the deck, there was quite a bit of damage to the plywood and some damage to the joists and they were dry rotted. The cost of the deck increased by about $6000 with the wood replacement, reinforcement. I then asked him to look at a couple of covered balconies that had the same issue. He quoted $1500 and when it came up, the additional reinforcement cost another $1500. I visited the property every single day and talked to the workers whenever we met. They were extremely fast and finished the big job in about 1.5-2 weeks. Every time I went there, there was progress, so I knew they were working. Many times I saw surprised by the amount of progress they were making. The deck now feels much more solid, is more level than before, and now I will just wait and see how it performs over time. Decking is a tricky thing and having Bruce, even though it may not be cheap, gives you the peace of mind that he’s doing things right.”
– Mark C., Arcadia CA

“Bruce from National Deck & Stair came out to look at my condo balcony which had a leak that was causing damage to the unit below mine.  The finishing on the deck is clearly lacking and he pointed out that eventually it should be replaced.  But he also pointed out that what was causing the leak was likely a crack in the stucco right above the deck that could be fixed with an $8 sealant.   He clearly could have sold me a $1,000 deck job but chose to give me an honest answer instead of making money on work that wasn’t necessary.  It’s that type of integrity that we’re all hoping to find here.  I would obviously trust them with future work and would recommend them to anybody looking for a trustworthy vendor!”
– Greg S., Los Angeles, CA

“Living at the ocean is very destructive to all of the exterior surfaces of my home. National did a complete repair and resurfacing of my very large roof deck as well as 2 large flat portions of my roof. In addition I had an outside stairway leading from the house to the yard that had a tile surface and the tiles were lifting due to water damage. They completely removed all of the tiles, replaced the water damaged wood, rebuilt and waterproofed the entire staircase. It looks so much better than it used to. From the start I was very impressed with National Deck. They promptly answered my call (no long holding while listening to awful music) and made an appointment to come out very shortly thereafter. Bruce showed up on time and quickly did an assessment of the various leaks and problems I had both with my roof and side staircase. He gave me various options for the repair of both, clearly explained the repair procedures, how long it would take, and the cost differences. He was very professional and respectful of my time. After I made my decisions he measured the surfaces to be repaired in order to prepare an estimate. I quickly received the estimate via email as well as regular mail and the price was significantly better than previous estimates I had gotten, for their much better product. They were able to schedule the start of the work almost immediately. I was told it would take 3 days for the roof work and 3 days for the stairs and that is exactly what it took. The workmen came each day at exactly the time they said they would, which was the time I had requested. I could not be more pleased with the finished product. Both the roof and the stairs look far better than they did, and even better than they originally looked. I would definitely use them again, and will for regular maintenance that should be done. I would highly recommend them.”
– Amy P., Redondo Beach, CA

“Did a fantastic job. This deck always leaked no matter how many times I fixed it.  It doesn’t leak anymore. I had one leak (I thought). They came back and double checked everything. It turns out it was a separate issue (something they weren’t responsible for). When we found it, I fixed it in 10 minutes. I AM FINALLY Leak Free. Great Job National deck.”
-Don G., Ojai, CA

“This company is awesome! From getting the quote to completing the job, we couldn’t have asked for more. The stairs look fantastic & the guys who installed them were very professional and knew what they were doing. Everyone working for National Deck & Stair are the best & I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for doing such a great job!”
– Karen, Tim, & Jason T., Carlsbad, CA

“Overall and specially, excellent preparation and execution of services. Due to the importance of having a waterproof roof deck, I was extremely involved in taking precautions to select a solid company to repair and maintain our deck and stairs. My roof deck was 15 years old and needed to be replaced in various places due to normal wear. After hours of research relating to deck and stair maintenance, I interviewed 3 companies and each provided a bid. I selected National Deck and Stair (“National”), who was slightly more expensive than the lowest bid; however, National offered an “unconditional one year guarantee” whereas the lowest bid expressly provided “no warranty.” Our property is near the beach so the constant moisture, salt water, sun, wind, etc., is especially harsh on our deck, and we wanted a warranty for piece of mind. It’s also notable that National provides a “replacement” guarantee if I properly maintain my deck and stairs after National completes the work. As for receiving an estimate from National, it was simple and straightforward. We called National to schedule an appointment, and the estimator, John, arrived as scheduled. John was highly personable, courteous, and attentive. He answered my questions directly and provided welcomed insight on deck and stair repair and maintenance. Over the next couple months (before choosing National to do the work), I called and emailed John regarding further questions about the deck/stair work and warranty, and he was extremely patient and considerate in answering my questions. John’s honesty and customer service made the entire process comforting. National completed the work in 3 days (as John estimated). The workers were professional, respectful, and clean, and did not enter the house to reach the roof deck; they used a ladder. After I inspected the work, I contacted John with questions regarding small areas of the deck and stairs where one could see fiberglass intermeshed (appearing like tiny bird nests) that I thought should be smoothed out, and an area of the stair railing that I thought should be repainted. John scheduled a time to meet with me, examined the work, and within nine (9) calendar days, National performed additional work to address my concerns to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend National and John for future deck and stair work.”
– Michael L., San Bernardino, CA

“I used National Deck and Stair last month and I’m using them again next week. They seem to be pretty organised. You get your appointment and then they come the next (following) week. They sent me out references so I could go look at other jobs. The price was reasonable for what they did and how fast it was done. They were clean and professional. I thought they did a great job.”
– Jennine S., Alhambra, CA

“National Deck and Stairs was an excellent choice for our roof deck repair and stair renovation. The team was professional, timely and very flexible. I truly appreciated their open communication, honesty and transparent pricing policy. The overall process was seamless from the estimator coming, sending us an estimate, working out acceptable time to come and complete the job through completion.”
– Louise S., San Pedro, CA

“We had National Deck resurface two balconies with a concrete and fiberglass application. They came over early to quote and completed the job the same week. The workmen were professional and the job looks great. The office was also very professional with good documentation and service.”
– Gary S., Glendale, CA

“Resurfaced a patio that was falling apart. Very professional. They did not go inside the apartment to make sure there is as little disruption to the unit as possible. They were quiet and efficient. They used great care in handling my tenants items on the patio. The patio looks great.”
– Tod B., Los Angeles, CA

“They repaired and rebuilt a magnasite two story stairway in the front of our building. The work was performed in two days as discsussed and was done quite well with excellent results. We would certainly use them again. Excellent work!”
– Joel R., Simi Valley, CA

“National Deck and Stair did an awesome job. They were very communicative and responded quickly. I would definitely use them in the future.”
– Cathleen H., Santa Monica, CA

“Very professional and also best price of the different estimates we had come in. In fact, quite a bit cheaper. We felt John, the estimator, as very customer-focused on very honest. We felt other companies were trying to get as much money out of us as possible. This company had the best reviews on Angie’s List. I guess they can keep their prices down due to volume. Excellent experience!!! Very happy to work with them and would do it again.”
– Allison S., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“National Deck and Stair does a cement, fiberglass, and resin based deck coating. The coating is somewhat commercial looking as you might find in an apartment complex or shopping center with a textured surface, but for me, I opted for something simple to fix a leaky deck once and for all. The previously tiled deck had multiple failure points leading to water intrusion in the living area below. Although tile is certainly more attractive yet expensive to install, the deck coating provided by National Deck and Stair is extremely simple, easy to maintain, and relatively fail proof. For headache free installation, get a deck coating and cover with deck tiles, or if you opt to tile, make sure they really really know what they’re doing otherwise you’ll be calling National Deck and Stair to do a simple coating as I did. National Deck and Stair does a cement, fiberglass, and resin based deck coating. The coating is somewhat commercial looking as you might find in an apartment complex or shopping center with a textured surface, but for me, I opted for something simple to fix a leaky deck once and for all. The previously tiled deck had multiple failure points leading to water intrusion in the living area below. Although tile is certainly more attractive yet expensive to install, the deck coating provided by National Deck and Stair is extremely simple, easy to maintain, and relatively fail proof. For headache free installation, get a deck coating and cover with deck tiles, or if you opt to tile, make sure they really really know what they’re doing otherwise you’ll be calling National Deck and Stair to do a simple coating as I did.”
– William H., Los Angeles, CA

“It was a magnesite deck repair and increase the height of the railing and new metal stairs. It went very well. They were methodical, clean and efficient.”
– Leon W., Los Angeles, CA

“The company owner, Bruce Singer, was prompt on visiting my house and giving me an estimate and explaining the complete process from start to finish. I changed the start date several times on them and they were completely flexible. My general contractor observed the work and found it to be excellent quality and great workmanship. Angela at the office worked closely with me andkept me informed. This is best decking contractor I have worked with.”
– Judi R., West Hollywood, CA

“I used National Deck and Stair for replacing the floors on 2 different balconies. They were really good. They came on time. They did their work really well. They put a lot of effort into it and got it done ahead of time. We had a lot of work done. Their prices were reasonable.”
– Terryn O., Costa Mesa, CA

“Work was completed on schedule in a professional manner with attention to detail. We are very pleased with the end result.”
– Daniel H., Los Angeles, CA

They were outstanding. He was awesome he came out and gave us the quote and told us it would be pretty expensive for him to do it so he allowed us to order the materials from him and we did it ourselves. It ended up costing us only like $150 and they delivered the materials to us too. They were very responsive also.”
– Courtney S., Ross, CA

“In my townhouse, I have a concrete deck off my master bedroom, over my garage. During hard rains, the deck had been leaking in to the garage for at least 15 years. Quite a few other contractors had tried to find the source of the leak, in one case charging me $1200 and proving to be unsuccessful, and in another case writing a quote for $5900 to do repairs that would not have fixed it. Bruce, from National Deck and Stair, was the first who was able to find the true source of the leak, and showed me how I could easily fix the problem on my own. What a relief Bruce was! I’m thrilled!”
– Bruce R., Long Beach, CA

“The HOA of our condo building selected this company to “reseal” our rooftop, the 2nd & 3rd floor walkways & 13 homeowners personal balconies. It was a big job for our building which National Deck & Stair handled with professionalism & excellent work. We had a total of 4 bids we (a HOA of a condo building in Studio City) were looking at for the “resealing” of our building’s walkways (3 bids from other companies & one from NDS (National Deck & Stair). On my first consultation with Bruce at NDS he was 30 minutes early (which turned out perfect for me on that particular day). This was so nice because I was used to dealing with other companies that were late & late with responsiveness.The other 3 companies wanted to do a broad scope of work (that we didn’t need). Bruce at NDS told me in our 1st consultation that the scope of work from the other companies would be “overkill” & all we needed was to repaint/waterproof our decking since there was no leakage happening. Because of this honesty, NDS bid was 60% less than all the other bids we got!!!! It was unbelievable. We saved so much money. It was a win-win for both sides.Also the other work from the other companies would have taken weeks to finish. All of our decking work that NDS did for our building took a total of 4 days! The days that the workers came they were always on time – Consistent & Reliable. Anytime I had to contact the girls at the office (Angela & Maria) they were always prompt & so NICE! Another great thing NDS did that the other companies did not do, was they provided a list of reference buildings in our area that they had done work at. So I was able to go to these buildings & see their work. Also their website is user-friendly & informative, it includes pictures of their work as well. NDS is the company we highly recommend & will use again in the future.”
– Rome B., Studio City, CA

“I used National Deck and Stair for deck maintenance work. I liked them a lot. They were very professional and got the job done quickly. When there was a small problem, they came back immediately and fixed it at no extra charge. Such companies are rare to find. Even their office people were really honest and their pricing was fair.”
– Theresa M., Pasadena, CA

“After speaking with the receptionist about having our existing garage top patio repaired and getting a deck built up there, I was contacted by Bruce. He told me that building decks was not their specialty but that their sealing/waterproofing process was there primary business. I told him I wasn’t sure if that’s what we needed, but he offered to take a look anyway. The next day he stopped by the property and looked at the space… he then told me that the leaks I had been seeing coming into the garage were most likely not from the deck/roof at all, but form some holes in the stucco walls and the door frame leading to the deck. Bruce recommended a quick DIY fix and took the time to explain to me why he believed this and how it would work.I really appreciated his honesty and taking the time to tell me what was really the issue and not just selling me something I didn’t need. If he is any representation of the company on the whole… this is a stand up company.”
– Cole D., Simi Valley, CA

“National deck and stair tore out my old leaking tile second floor deck and put on a new watertight sand-finished deck. They were responsive and respectful. They were one of the lowest quotes that I received, and they performed all of the services at the quoted price. They even came out one time after completing the work at no charge to address a question that I had. It is now about 8 months after the work was done, and the deck still appears to be in great condition. I would definitely recommend this company.”
– Mort & Eileen S., Granada Hills, CA

“They repaired two decks on my place. It went very well and I was very happy with them.”
– Gregory S., Los Angeles, CA

“National Deck & Stair did a great job replacing our entire roof deck/patio that is above two bedrooms in the downstairs apartment and serves as a private roofdeck for the upstairs apartment. The old roof was leaking in one place and questionable in a number of others. The person that came out to give the estimate came out immediately, knew what he was talking about and instilled great confidence immediately. His quote also came out to about half of another quote that we got. When we moved ahead with the work the workers were always punctual and hardworking. It was a big job – ripping up all of the old decking material, replacing all of the plywood, and redoing the entire deck. It looks great now and although it hasn’t been long enough to tell if it’s going to hold up over time, I have confidence that it will. Overall was very happy and are thinking about having them come out again to refinish the cracking stairs too.”
– Casi K., Los Angeles, CA

“Repair and reseal coating on 2 staircases and upper deck. Replaced coating on 24 bull-nose steps. Removed existing decking to sub-floor where necessary, install expanded metal lath, apply rough coat cement and resin underlayment, apply layer of fiberglass and resin, apply smooth coat cement and resin topping coat, apply resin-based texture coat, color coat sealer, clean work area and remove debris. I have a small office building with 2 staircases to access the 2nd floor. On the West staircase, a few of the bull-nose steps had peeled down to the white plaster. The fiberglass coating had separated from the base layer on a few other steps on both East and West staircases, and a few others were beginning to crack. This was most likely due to many years of delivery hand trucks with heavy loads rolling over the bull-nose. The workers arrived as scheduled and began on the East staircase, repairing 13 of the 19 bull-nose steps. This process took 2 days, then started on the West staircase, repairing 11 steps. On the 4th day, they applied the sealer coat to the upper deck, with minimal impact to the tenants. The staircases look fantastic, just like new. However, at the top of the West staircase, they put a patch which doesn’t blend in very well with the surrounding deck. I emailed a few photos and called National. They have scheduled their crew to come out to feather-in the patch. If you have fiberglass stairs that need repair, you definitely want National Deck and Stairs to do the job. Very professional, I would use them again in a minute. I wish I knew about these guys when I first renovated my building in 2005.”
– Mark Y., Arcadia, CA

“Repaired a rear balcony deck that had worn down. They stripped it, repaired it, and recovered and painted it. The work was excellent, it actually looked better than when we bought the house. They were neat, punctual and very professional. It was a great experience. Will definitely use them again.”
– Darryl H., West Hills, CA

“National Deck and Stair replaced the coating on a roof top deck of ours. The existing coating was cracked and leaking into the bedroom below. National removed the existing coating and installed their waterproof deck coating. They even conducted a water test to make sure there were no more leaks and to adjust any large low spots. The whole process went very well. Bruce Singer was prompt and extremely knowledgeable. We did not feel like we were being sold a bill of goods. Rather, we felt as though we were being counseled. He went so far as to point out other areas where water could be getting in and helping the leak from the deck. The fix he recommended for those items literally cost us less than $100 and a little bit of our time. We would use them every time and recommend them to anyone looking to get good straight information.”
-Tracy M., Playa Del Rey, CA

“Resurfaced/coated patio deck. Excellent! The two craftsmen that performed the work were very professional and skilled. No mess at all. I would highly recommend this company. Great job!”
– Michael I., San Pedro, CA

Watersealed and resurfaced three decks and then came back to do a waterproof fiberglass and concrete surface over an entire bathroom. Bruce was great, came to my home to evaluate everything, and was quick, smart, and fair. His assistant was also the same with me in every interaction on the phone– you can tell they’re busy and driven, but they are incredibly nice, professional, and competent as well. Roderigo, who did the work onsite here, was excellent. I could not have been happier with his work. The recent rains have proven that it was as good as it all looked, and I even had him come back to do the beautiful concrete surface throughout my modern bathroom. It looks beautiful and has really contributed to the value of my home according to real estate professionals who have been through since then. Highly recommend National Deck and Stair, and make sure to ask for Roderigo.”
– Mimi M., Los Angeles, CA

“Resurface deck, patch and paint stairs and second deck. The work performed was punctual and satisfactory and I would recommend them.”
– Thomas L., Venice, CA

“Bruce Singer came out to inspect my deck and provide an estimate on fixing my leak problem. Bruce did not recommend replacing the deck without first trying some basic patching and resealing of the deck flashing. He gave me an estimate on that ($560). Bruce also strongly recommended getting the cracks in the walls and the roof caps resealed by a painter to rule those out as possible sources of my leaks. I really appreciated his advice and expertise and would recommend National Deck and Stair to anyone else. I ended up selecting a general contractor to address my problem as well as take care of some other home issues.”
– Dean Y., Sierra Madre, CA

“A very satisfactory experience. All representatives of the company were very efficient, cordial, and cooperative. All calls were promptly returned, and all of my concerns and questions met with explanations of process taking place. My wife and I are very pleased with the result.”
– Donald C., Los Angeles, CA

“They were very professional – punctual and did quality work. We needed a large upper balcony refinished to improve water drainage and appearance. They accomplished both objectives in a timely manner.”
– Barbara C.W., Glendale, CA

“I had various questions about maintenance of my deck on multiple floors due to standing water. National Deck came out for an inspection and estimate. Bruce of National Deck came out and gave me an expert analysis and recommendation. He did not try to drum up business, and instead suggested some minor repairs I could take care of myself. His expertise was substantial, and notwithstanding his spending 45 minutes here, he didn’t ask for any money and declined to take any. Overall, I was quite impressed by the professionalism and integrity. Well, in May, the roof started leaking, so I called up National Deck for repairs. We decided to redo the entire roof, which meant removing the old roof, finding out that there wasn’t any fiberglass underneath, replacing it, and adding up to 23 pieces of plywood to slope it correctly. They also resloped and refinished the 3rd floor deck as well as a walkway between garage and 2nd floor. As I recall, approximately 6 workers arrived on time, worked hard for a week, and did a terrific job. Before, water would pool all over the place. Now, on the roof, it drains beautifully in two different directions. Sometime in October (about 3 months after the fix), I noticed some hairline cracks on the roof again. Concerned, I asked Bruce to come out again, which he did. He looked at the cracks and couldn’t tell whether it was due to some movement in the house or maybe some residual moisture in the plywood, or what. But he said that there wasn’t any reason to think that the underlying fiberglass was damaged. He sent two men, including the lead who had done all the fantastic sloping work, to come out for a day. They repaired the cracks (with a new layer of fiberglass and more top concrete coats) and repainted the entire deck. It took a full day’s work. No extra charge. Again, fantastic. There were a few miscommunications with the secretaries setting up appointments, but overall, Bruce Singer was responsive, explained the issues in great detail, and was committed to getting things right. And again, the workers really showed almost artistic understanding of water flows on flat roofs. I would easily hire them again.”
– Jerry K., Los Angeles, CA

“We used National Deck & Stair about 8 months ago and they sealed 3 exterior decks in my condo unit because some of them were cracked and some uneven. They came out and gave us an estimate and also came and did an excellent job. They identified the places in the decks that were uneven and that they were going to take care of that and we made some choices. They also said that they preferred to get onto the decks by ladders, so nobody had to be home to let them in and that was very convenient that they could do the work and we did not have to take time off work. They just did a perfect job and the decks look beautiful. We had another company before, years ago that tried to seal them and they were cracking already. They were very professional and we can’t say enough about them. We spent a little over $1000 for all three decks.”
– Randall H., Valley Village, CA

“They replaced the flooring for the balcony. I liked the price, they were prompt, and finished the job in exactly the amount of time that they said.”
– Anthony C., Redondo Beach, CA

“National was the subcontractor for replacing an entry deck that was severely leaking. They added cross members to strengthen and prevent movement of the deck, installed plywood, and completed a new deck. From start to finish, the work was done professionally, and in a timely manner. Cleanup was done every day. Since this was the only entry, workers ensured we could use the stairs and deck each day, by the end of the workday. Final cleanup was thorough. All work was completed within one week.”
– Arthur R., Culver City, CA

“They replaced surfaces on a number of deteriorated balconies. Then I had them create new patios over an existing roof. It went very well. They did a really nice job on the balconies. The estimator, Bruce Singer, was very informative and professional. He took plenty of time to explain the job so I could understand what work was being performed.”
– Clark C., Los Angeles, CA

“They repaired a deck that a previous company worked on. They were very flexible, responsive and the final product was excellent and the price was fair.”
– Peter L., Sherman Oaks, CA

“Everything went great. Bruce showed up on time to inspect the site and give an estimate. The estimate was within the expected price range. After contract accepance, the workers showed up at the arranged time and finished on time. The work was first rate. The site was left clean. Even the receptionist in the office was exceptionally professional and well-organized.”
– Karl H., Torrance, CA

“I needed to resurface a staircase in an apartment building. Stairs in an apartment building have to be done right. You can’t get this information or material at Home Depot. I called National Deck and Stair, and they came out and recommended the right surfacing and steps to accomplish the task. They delivered the surfacing material, and were very professional. It went very well. They delivered the surfacing material and offered recommendations. I did the resurfacing myself. But I am on a budget and couldn’t afford someone else to do the work. However, National Deck and Stair was very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone who has a similar challenge.”
– Daniel A., Los Angeles, CA

“We have a flat roof over the living room that was pretty beaten up and had leaked so we needed to replace it. I got multiple quotes mainly from roofing contractors, before going with National Deck. Not only was the quote the most competitive, they were most professional. I was given references (all of which were glowing) and they arrived and completed the work in the time they said it would take – 4 days. They repaired some joist damage and complete redid the roof structure with new plywood before applying the various layers leaving a beautiful strong deck. I would highly recommend this company.”
– Shirley N., Hollywood, CA

“From the time I called them to the time they finished the job, it was done to our complete satisfaction. They were very professional. Their employees were pleasant. We have had this type of work done several times during the years and this is the best job yet. I got more than my money’s worth.”
– Judith P.K., Los Angeles, CA

“They did nice work. It all was fine. They came and gave an estimate. One week later they came back. It took five days to finish. They worked on four different surfaces. We are very happy with the results.”
– May Lou H., Bradbury, CA

“Old decking and stairs were cracked and crumbling. This company removed the damaged areas, rebuilt the supporting structure, installing new sub-flooring steel railing anchors. They then applied a new magnesite surface and painted it to match the existing color. Their workmen are true craftsman. The job was completed to high quality standards in three days. Clean-up was excellent and inconvenience to tenants was minimal. I couldn’t ask for better performance from a contractor.”
– Jack S., Los Angeles, CA

“Courteous, prompt, quiet, accommodating, and well organized.”
– Allen K., Palos Verdes Estates, CA

“Excellent service. The crew was nice, professional, & did a superb job. Not to mention their pricing was great too. I received 5 estimates & they were the best.
– Barbara J., Los Angeles, CA

“My balcony had some holes in it due to water damage. The damaged wood was replaced and the balcony was resurfaced. The estimator came on time as was very helpful. The work was estimated to take parts of three days and only lasted two. The workers were polite and on time. I think the price was good and am very satisfied with the work.”
– Lawrence L., Los Angeles, CA