Walking Decks

Fiberglass coatings provide an upscale and contemporary look which makes the difference in the competitive rental and housing markets. Excellent flexibility and durability make this type of system low maintenance and long lasting. Fiberglass conveys quality and performance. Magnesite walkways can provide that classic California look or modern touch depending on the finish. With the addition of expansion joints in high stress areas, magnesite has found new life and increased performance.

Misc. Decks

Fiberglass systems are ideal for misc. deck applications. Being bonded systems which are completely attached to the subfloor, they are an excellent and cost effective choice for misc. exterior decks. The desert crete system is waterproof, tire retardant and highly flexible. Repairs if necessary are easily made. They are seamless and virtually invisible.

Pool Decks

Fiberglass systems are an excellent and cost effective upgrade to any pool area. You are no longer limited to living with cracked and stained concrete. A multitude of textures and finishes are available. Slip resistance, easy maintenance and upscale esthetics make fiberglass systems a valuable, low cost improvement.


Both magnesite and fiberglass systems provide peak performance on private balconies. Both coatings are fire retardant and highly durable for excellent performance on both residential and rental properties. Both systems add a long lasting, high quality look.

Magnesite/Fiberglass Staircases

Both fiberglass based and magnesite staircases provide exceptional performance. Fiberglass staircases give that contemporary and upscale aesthetic while providing maximum waterproofing, slip resistance, and coating flexibility. Magnesite staircases give that clean and classic look while providing excellent strength and impact resistance. With the application of silica granules on the stair nosings, there is no need for unsightly grip tape strips on your steps.

Iron based precast stairs

Precast staircases are a permanent alternative to wooden or frame and stucco staircases. They are constructed using approved blueprints and engineering plans and conform to current UBC codes. They provide excellent strength and performance. Stair treads are easily replaced and staircases require little or no maintenance.

Tread replacements

Tread replacements come in several colors and styles. Tread nosing is available in square, round, bull nose and beveled styles. Tread replacements can typically be installed within 24-48 hours of the initial request unless the steps have to be custom ordered. Standard sized are 36′, A2″, A4″, and A8″ wide.

Support posts

Support posts can be installed on any staircase or existing deck. Support posts are included on all new precast staircase applications and include lootings. The posts are constructed of high grade structural steel and include all mounting plates and or saddles. Staircase support posts range from tee supports to double supports. Double supports with cross bracing are also available.

Metal railing

National has the ability to lubricate railings from basic to ornate to suit your architectural and functional needs. All railings are tube steel and can be delivered with several finishes. Rustoleum, powder coating and epoxy coatings are available. Galvanizing is also available.

Fencing and Gates

National can provide iron based fencing and access gates to suit your security needs. Property fences, pool area fences, entry gates and parking area gates are just a few of the many possibilities.